June 03, 2022

Getting to Know Jonathan Mersereau, X-Pac® Sales Manager, Dimension-Polyant

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Mersereau

Jonathan is the newest edition to our X-Pac® Team at Dimension-Polyant, and a great one at that! Jon joined us in February of this year and has hit the ground running getting to know our products, industry and customers – spending much of his time, since he’s been with us, traveling around the country to meet them.  

Jon joined us from sales management positions in the consumer goods industry. His new role at Dimension-Polyant and X-Pac® brings him full circle to his roots in sports management and business development, where he said he knew he’d always wanted to return to. 

While he used to spend much of his spare time on the golf course, he now finds it being consumed as a new Dad to his first newborn he and his wife welcomed earlier this year.

Jon’s expert sales and business development skills combined with his friendly nature make him a great fit for X-Pac® Dimension-Polyant and we are grateful to have him. We hope you get the chance to meet him at one of the forthcoming trade shows or industry events. In the meantime, you can get to know him a bit in the Q & A below!

What is your role at Dimension-Polyant and how long have you’ve been with the company? 

I am the Sales Manager and I have been with Dimension-Polyant since February 2022.

What are a few unique qualities/areas of expertise you bring to the company?

Coming from outside the fabric and textile industry, I bring a customer focused approach to sales. My main experience has been outside customer facing in roles ranging from minor league baseball to Coca-Cola and consumer packaged goods, to most recently in the building materials industry. Bringing that experience working across industries gives me more perspective when it comes to creative problem solving. 

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Mersereau.

What drew you to Dimension-Polyant? 

The main draw was getting back to my outdoor and sporting roots. I went to college for Sport Management and was drawn towards the sales side of sport. That led me away from the industry for a while and allowed me to grow as a businessperson. I received my MBA during that time and have always known that I’d find myself back in this type of industry. This new role allows me to combine all my education and experience into something I have been passionate about my entire life.

Will you please share a work experience that you are most proud of?

Overall, I am most proud of my work progression. It began on the service side of sales, which moved to outside sales, then into sales management of a territory, and then a region. And now I am here with Dimension-Polyant working with people all over the world! I am proud to be with a company with such a global reach and impact while helping customers find solutions to grow their own business.

What inspires you? 

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I think we all can be great and watch someone reach new life highs and milestones, which is so inspiring to me. My wife is a nurse who has worked in hospitals all throughout this pandemic. Watching someone like her turn into this even more extraordinary person has inspired me to think the same way about my own life and goals!

What are you excited about? 

I am excited about the future of the world and the ways we all interact via technology. I believe technology has brought us closer as a global community and I am excited to see how it impacts business and global relations in a positive manner, while also allowing us to better explore the world.

What is your favorite X-Pac® fabric so far? 

I am a huge fan of VX21 mainly because of the different color schemes. I am not a super flashy person, so my favorite color is Coyote Brown. Close behind VX21 would be the new RX post-consumer recycled fabrics. They have a great face feel and we are working on new colors for them, which will be fantastic!

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Mersereau.

If you could make or have anything made with X-Pac®, what would it be? 

A durable, light-weight golf bag! Or any bag related to team sports – hockey, baseball, football, etc. We always need durable packs to carry all that equipment.

We know you are a team sports fan – what teams are some of your favorites and why? 

I grew up in Manchester, NH about 45 minutes north of Boston, so naturally I am a Boston sports fan. It was great growing up in the area when I did. As a young kid I remember the teams not having much success, however as I moved into my teenage years, my teams started to win championships, which was really exciting. It was a fun time and I have tons of memories with my family and friends.

What was the first concert you ever went to? 

I want to say Linkin Park – probably around 2003/2004. 

Last book you read? 

Storyteller by Dave Grohl – lead of the Foo Fighters band and formerly Nirvana. I like to read all types of books, but personal memoirs of people with fascinating lives always seem to suck me in.

Did you have a streaming binge during COVID? 

Yes! My wife and I watched everything you could imagine. But most recently we have been watching The Sopranos. It’s a show we both missed and are circling back to it now. It’s fantastic. But I will always have a soft spot for Love is Blind.

Where is your happy place? 

I would have to say my home. There is nothing like being home with my family and friends – outside enjoying a fire or inside at a holiday get together. I really enjoy the company of friends and family. So maybe it’s not home, but where I am when are when we all are together.

What is your favorite pastime when not conducting business development for X-Pac® materials? 

In the past year my wife and I welcomed our first baby into the world, so most recent favorite pastime has been being a new Dad. In last handful of years, however,  I have really taken to playing golf. It’s a great game to practice both physical and mental skills, and can be relaxing in the right environment.

What place you are most looking forward to traveling to? 

Before the pandemic we had plans to go to Italy in May 2020, so I am very much looking forward to finding our way over there sometime soon.